Cisco Networking Academy Program is one of the biggest world-wide learning communities. With over 500.000 students and 10.000 local academies in more than 150 countries , CNAP offers a variety of IT Courses, starting from the base-levels ( IT Essentials ) and reching the expert levels ( CCIE ).

The Program structure is hierarchical. At the base reside the Local Academies, which have the target of teaching their students, offering them a wide range of courses:
- IT Essentials
- CCNA Security
- CCNP version 6

The next level in the hierarchy is the Regional Academies level. The RA´s act as mentors for the LA´s. They are responsible of managing the Local Academies, by training their instructors and offering them support.

The ultimate grouping in the hierarchy are the Cisco Academy Training Centers. These are governing the Regional Academies, training their teachers and offering support.

As CATC Romania, we offer training for 44 RA in our area, along with the implementation of new Cisco decisions and tools, making sure that CNAP flows at it´s normal course, and nothing goes wrong.

With more than 30 highly-trained instructors and abundent resources, CATC Romania has expanded its boundaries across the South West of Europe.