Networking Academy Games (NAG) 2011

CATC Romania, University Politehnica of Bucharest, June 10th-11th 




Welcome to the official page of the Networking Academy Games (2011) Competition. This year CATC Romania has the pleasure of organizing the 6th Edition of this Competition for both students from different educational levels and instructors.


The Networking Academy Games (NAG) 2011 Competition is a contest designed for secondary school students, other Netacad students and NetAcad instructors, who can prove their excellence in CCNA-level knowledge and for instructors also to present their teaching skills.


NAG is going to consist of two separate competitions:

• NAG – Student Challenge - a CCNA-level competition for Cisco Netacad Students (both secondary school students and other Netacad students that are compliant with the eligibility criteria)

• NAG – Instructor Challenge - a CCNA-level competition for Cisco Netacad Instructors that are compliant with the eligibility criteria


The participants of the Competition will be nominated via the registration/application form with AAM approval from the winners of national country competitions.

For the registration/application form, the eligibility criteria and the full set of contest rules please read the Competition Rules.


For useful information, such as accommodation, visa or transportation details, see the Contact page.

We look forward to seeing you at NAG 2011.


CATC Romania Team