For the duration of the competition the transport in Bucharest for any and all purposes will be your own responsibility.

Bucharest Airports


Henri Coanda Bucuresti International Airport

Bucuresti Baneasa International Airport


If you are arriving at the Bucharest airport, you will need to arrange for transportation from the airport to your hotel. Airport transfer is usually done by cab. You can pay by credit card upon request before getting in the car (there is an office inside the airport). The price is 0.8 EUR / km (Fly Taxi is the only company officially allowed inside the airport) The cost one way will be approximately 20 EUR from the airport to the hotel.


Please verify that your country's currency can be exchanged into Romanian New Lei (RON) in Bucharest. It is however advisable to arrange Travelers Cheques or US Dollars/British Pounds/Euros prior to your travel as these currencies can be exchanged for RON at the airport. Otherwise you should visit a bank in your home country to exchange cash before you depart.


Transportation within Bucharest

Buses / trams / trolleys


The company operating surface public transportation in Bucharest is called RATB. To use the buses / trams / trolleys you need to buy a ticket or a pass. Tickets are only valid for 1 single trip (no connections). The price of one ticket is 1.3 Lei. You can buy the tickets in the bus stations from little round stores called ‘Casa de bilete RATB‘.


IMPORTANT: You cannot buy tickets in the bus. You have to buy them before and validate them immediately after entering the bus. Passes are for one day cost 8 Lei and passes for 7 days cost 15 Lei.


The fee for getting caught without a valid ticket or pass is 50 Lei. Bus no. 780 (to / from the airport) uses a special card that is not valid on other lines. The price is 7 Lei for a card of 2 trips. Passes are also not valid on this line.


Remember that all transportation operates between around 5AM and 11PM. There are no night-buses and your only alternative is to use taxis if you miss the last bus/metro. You can find the map of all surface public transportation in Bucharest here:




The venue is also accessible by Metro:


  • “Politehnica” Metro Station(line M3 - red) followed by a 5 minutes walk to the university
  • “Grozavesti” Metro Station(line M1 - yellow) followed by a 20-30 minutes walk through the university campus


The Metro is a very efficient way to move around Bucharest especially at peak times (7-10 AM, 5-8 PM) when surface transportation can be very slow. To use the Metro you need to buy cards of 2 trips (3 Lei), 10 trips (9 Lei) or passes for 1 day (5 Lei).

You can buy the cards from the entrance of any metro station and you need to validate it in order to pass the gates inside the station. There are 4 Metro lines and several stations where you can transfer between the lines.

Here is the map of the Metro lines in Bucharest:




IMPORTANT: Remember that all transportation operates between around 5AM and 11PM. There are no night-buses and your only alternative is to use taxis if you miss the last bus/metro.




Taxis are quite cheap in Bucharest. The average price is 2 Lei /km. You will also pay around 1,4 Lei for the start of the trip. In order to avoid having unpleasant surprises we recommend you to use the following company cabs:


Taxi Meridian: (+40 021) 9444/9888

Taxi 2000: (+40 021) 9494

Cristaxi: (+40 021) 9461/9421


IMPORTANT: Always make sure the driver starts the meter. If they offer you a ‘fixed‘ price to your destination they will try to cheat you. For extra safety you can always ask for the receipt even if you don‘t actually need it. The price must always be displayed on the right front door. You should read clearly: the price for the initial trip start, the price for 1 km and the price for 1 hour of waiting time. Pay close attention to the position of the dot: some drivers use the trick to move the dot from for example 2.10 Lei / KM to 21.0 Lei/KM so they can charge you 10 times more.