It is recommended that you obtain travel, medical, personal and luggage insurance prior to your departure to Romania.




The Romanian currency is leu (singular), lei (plural), ("lei" is pronounced like the English 'lay'.. Please note that sometimes the Leu is also referred to as RON (Romanian New Leu). Until a few years ago 1 new RON = 10000 old LEI but today the old money are no longer used anywhere so both names, RON and LEI are used for the new currency.


Coins : 1 ban (0,01 RON), 5 bani(0,05 RON), 10 bani (0.1 RON), 50 bani (0.5 RON)

Notes : 1 leu, 5 lei, 10 lei, 50 lei, 100 lei, 200 lei and 500 lei.


The current exchange rates for Euro and USD are: 1Euro ~ 4.2 lei, 1USD ~ 3.3 lei. Because of the economic crysis the exchange rates shift very often.


For updated information about exchange rates, you can visit There is a slight variation from one Exchange Office to another. You can find Exchange Offices (including traveler checks) almost everywhere opened all the week. The safest exchange offices are the ones inside the banks.


Do not exchange money from the people on the street. Always go to an exchange office.


Phones and useful phone numbers


You can use your own GSM mobile phone in Romania with the roaming service. Always check the prices for making receiving calls with your home operator. Usually they are quite expensive. You can also use public telephones on the street. They only work with pre-paid cards that you can buy from newspaper stands, postal and Romtelecom offices.


Important phone numbers


The Unique National System For Emergency Calls: 112

Ambulance and doctors: 961

Police: 955

Cab companies: 9451, 9461, 9888


Remember that while using the roaming service you are also paying for the calls you receive. If you plan to use the phone a lot while in Romania we recommend you to buy a pre-paid SIM card from a Romanian operator. You can make cheaper calls and receive as many calls as you want for free. The SIM cards are quite cheap and they will give you an initial credit for calls. If you run out of credit you can always recharge them. Before you buy make sure your mobile phone is not SIM-locked on your home operator. You can choose from the following Romanian operators:


The phone prefix of Romania is 40 and the phone prefix for Bucharest is 21. The code for Romanian mobile phone numbers starts with a 7. To call them from abroad use: +40 7 XXXXXXXX. To call them from within Romania use: 0 7 XXXXXXXX.




Mineral water 3 Lei (2 liters)

Pizza 10 Lei

A Big-Mac Menu 13.5 Lei

Coffee 2.5 - 4 Lei

Packet of cigarettes 10-12 Lei

A Cinema ticket 4 - 15 Lei

Beer in stores 3 Lei (1/2 liter)

Soft drinks 3 - 3.5 Lei (1/2 liter)

Beer in bars 5-9 Lei (1/2 liter)