Academy Salute 2011

Drivers and Movers in Cisco Networking Academy

CATC Romania is happy to invite you to the most important regional instructor event of 2011!


Academy Salute: Drivers and Movers in Cisco Networking Academy is an Instructor Meeting that will bring togheter more than 100 instructors from the SEE region.


We believe that we are in a turning point in the program and Academy Salute is the first in a line of events that will engage instructors to be part in shaping Networking Academy for the challenges of next-generation teaching.


Changes are happening now. Be a part of the change and join us in Bucharest on the 15-16 of April for an event made specially for you!




  • Master your presentation skills! with a Profesional Soft Skill Training session.
  • Network Academy Steps into the Gaming age: throughout the world students are changing and Cisco Networking Academy is bringing new ways of learning to them by engaging with games and interactive-role play scenarios.
  • Engage the community using iPortal and learn about the projects that instructors are building using this great colaboration tool.
  • Next-Generation Networks: stay ahead of the change by participating at special Migrating-to-IPv6 technical session that will analyze the challenges that future networking reserves.
  • Be part of the IOS Revolution: Version 15 will innovate the industry and the Networking Academy!



Bucharest - CATC Romania



Friday, 15 April, 2011 - 11:00 - Saturday, 16 April, 2011 - 16:00



The event agenda can be accesed at this address.


For useful information, such as accommodation, visa or transportation details, see the Contact page.