Academy Rejuvenation Program 2010 - 2011


It is our pleasure to announce the opening of the 2010-2011 Academy Rejuvenation Program to all Regional and Local Academies!


This program has been created to help you teach better, learn easier and grow faster.


Academy Rejuvenation means your Academy will be recognized as a Quality Cisco Academy at national level using the CATC Academy Locator developed for all Academies in Romania. Through this process you will increase your Academy's visibility and presence in the region, be marked as an Active Academy for all your courses and receive premium course materials from CATC Romania.


The course materials offered to the Academies in the Rejuvenation Program will consist of:


  • IT Essentials localized presentations and hands-on labs
  • CCNA Security presentations and hands-on labs
  • CCNP TSHOOT certification ready labs


Enrollment into Academy Rejuvenation is free of charge and can be done by contacting Bogdan Doinea, the CATC Program Manager, at Please specify:

  • Academy name
  • Hosting institution
  • Contact info: e-mail, address
  • Web site
  • Supported curriculum