CCNA — Cisco Certified Networking Associate


The CCNA(Cisco Certified Networking Associate) is the main training track that CATC Romania offers for instructors. We have more than 11 years experience in quality training for the CCNA program and we offer all the knowledge, materials and know-how that an instructor needs to be both technically strong, but also innovative in his teaching.


We have a flexible training model that can be done in both Blended and On-Site models. If you have the CCNA certification and are already enrolled in collaboration with a Cisco Academy, you can take advantage of the Fastrack model which offers you the possibility of becoming an instructor in a maximum of 5 days, given that you already posses the strong technical skills that your responsibilities require.


By taking training at CATC Romania you will benefit from all the course materials that we have created and improved over time along with our instructors’ full support in both technical aspects and in trainings to handle student and class interaction. For your technical development we will also offer 6 fully setup CCIE pods on which you can map any CCNA topology and which you will be able to use at your convenience either on-site or remote.


For information regarding prices and the upcoming training dates, please contact us using the contact link at the top of the page.