CCNA Security


CATC Romania is certified as a Security CATC and has been in the CCNA Security program since its inception in 2009. Throughout this period the CATC has trained more than 25 instructor in the SEE region using professional tools like WebEx, a CCIE-Lab mapped on the Security course and Professionally Certified instructors. For his performance in leading the CCNA Security efforts, Bogdan Doinea has been awarded the “CCNA Security Specialist” award at the fir Instructor Recognition Event in the CEE region in Hungary, 2011.


We have a flexible training model that can be done in both Blended and On-Site models and we support it with personalized hands-on labs for instructor development and security hacking challenges that approach security in an innovative way and show students how to protect against real-life attacks. 


For information regarding prices and the upcoming training dates, please contact us using the contact link at the top of the page.